Local Noise Ordinances in the State of Florida

Article II, Section 7 of the Florida Constitution, states that “it shall be the policy of the state to conserve and protect its natural resources and scenic beauty. Adequate provisions shall be made by law for the abatement of air and water pollution and excessive and unnecessary noise.”

So there you have it, peace and quiet are a constitutional RIGHT in the state of Florida. That said, it is left to the county and municipal governments to enact and enforce noise ordinances throughout the state. We have gathered and posted such local noise ordinances here on this website, see below.


The Orange County Noise Pollution Control Ordinance (Chapter 15 Article V.)


The Manatee County Noise Pollution Control Ordinance (Chapter 2-21 Article 2)


The Palm Beach County Noise Pollution Control Ordinance (Chapter 42 Section 42-199)


The Sarasota County Noise Pollution Control Ordinance (Chapter 20 Section 20-1)


The Miami-Dade County Noise Pollution Control Ordinance (Chapter 36)