Dog Barking Quieted at Animal Shelter

Barking dogs are a major cause of noise complaints. Just one dog barking can affect neighbors’ quality of life. Imagine the sound of dozens of barking dogs! This animal shelter was facing eviction because of repeated complaints, and failed attempts to address the issue using improperly installed soundproofing materials. The issue was that dogs were sheltered in a large, open concrete room, and the barking and other sound produced considerable reverberation. 

Our solution was to construct another wall in front of the current wall, but not touching it, so as not to transmit vibration. This second wall was framed with metal studs, 3 ½ “ sound insulation, 1/8’’ MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl), and sheetrock. In addition, we installed isolation pads around the perimeter of the wall, at the floor and roof deck. Then we mounted acoustical panels throughout the room to reduce echo and reverberation. 

Not only did our solution totally mitigate the racket for the neighbors, but for dogs themselves. Dogs bark because other dogs bark. By cutting back the echo within the room, with the acoustic panels, the dogs actually bark less and the environment within was much calmer.

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