Elfers Christian School


Elfers Christian School is a prestigous private school that was dealing with alot of echoing and back noise in its school gymansium.

During sporting events, pep rallies, and other gatherings held in the space always brought along an obscene level of noise.  This problem began to affect the surrounding classrooms and offices, and students and players were having a hard time understanding their coaches and teammates. 

When there are a lot of reflective surfaces in a big open space, the sound-waves arrive at the ear at different times. So even if one’s ear is in a direct line to the noise source, by the time the sound gets to a person’s ear, there are hundreds of secondary reflections “piling up” and making words very difficult to understand. As this occurs, our natural tendency is to speak more loudly, which is the worst thing one can do, as speaking more loudly contributes more sound to the problem.

When we encounter environments like this, we try to measure the sound reflection values of all the surfaces within the space in question. This process allows us to develop an accurate reflection speed. Once THAT is known, we can determine the amount of square footage of absorbent material that is needed to dampen the noise to acceptable levels.

Seeking a solution to the sound problem, Elfers contacted Sonic Shield, a distributor of REVRB™ Acoustical Panels: Traditional SeriesSonic Shieldsuccessfully determined the time the noise was taking to stop echoing, also called the reverberation time, using an algorithm, which factors in the dimensions of the gymnasium and the materials on the floor, walls, and ceiling throughout the space. With the reverberation time calculated, Sonic Shield was able to figure out the square-footage of REVRB™ Acoustical Panels that needed to be installed to reduce the time. In the end, almost 3,000 square-feet of REVRB™ Acoustical Panels were installed on the ceiling and walls throughout the gymnasium. The reduction of sound was phenomenal, the Principal of the Elfers Christian School was, “definitely pleased with the final result.”  


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