Acoustical Calculations

At Florida-Soundproofing we offer on-site consultation for all your Acoustical needs. We can figure out your exact reverberation time, how many REVRB® Acoustical panels you need, where they should be placed, and even install them for you. We offer free over the phone calculations. Contact us today to get the full information on what your reverberation is. 

REVRB® Acoustics has some of the highest acoustical absorption within the industry. We use your specific test results to be able to tell you what your current reverberation time is in the room being tested, and to suggest what you want it to be based on the room's usage. We will know how many square feet of REVRB® Acoustics are needed to get to an exact reverberation time. We have engineered all of our panels to the highest specifications and performance, and we can make sure you only get the best!

RT-60 - Reverberation Testing

What Is It?

A room’s reverberation refers to the amount of time it takes for sound to dissipate, or decay, in a given space. A high reverberation time indicates that the given space does not absorb sound well and that the unabsorbed sound waves continuously reflecting off of the hard surfaces are resulting in an echo. A room with a low reverberation time, on the other hand, absorbs sound waves quickly and effectively, resulting in optimal sound quality.

RT-60 is an acoustical measurement used to calculate how long it takes a room’s reverb time (RT) to decay 60 decibels (dB).

Sound Absorption: REVRB® Acoustics

NRC as high as 1.05. NRC is a rating between 0 and as high as 1.05, with 0 being worst and 1.05 being the best. The higher the number, the better it absorbs. REVRB® Acoustical panels absorb up to 100% of the noise that hits the panels.

Fire Test: REVRB® Acoustics

Class A Fire Rate – E-84. Safety First! We made sure we passed the E-84 Fire test rating, and we did so with flying colors. Now you can put these panels anywhere you want in commercial or residential settings with confidence.

Mounting: REVRB® Acoustics

The walls and ceiling mounts can be taken off with minimal damage. None of our REVRB® acoustical panels get mounted using any glues or harsh chemicals, but are directly fastened by screws and clips, so you will be able to remove them if ever necessary.  Hanging our panels is like hanging a picture on a wall.

Panel Make Up: REVRB® Acoustics

100% Manufactured in USA, by Florida Soundproofing!

We NEVER use any chemicals in the manufacturing process nor glues or dangerous epoxy's. We manufacture our panels with solid wood edging and fabric stapled to the wood for long life. This allows for clean, crisp edges, and over time they will not bow, warp, or sag.

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