About Us



Florida Soundproofing is proud to offer On-Site Acoustic Consultation Services all over Florida. One of our consultants will go to your home or office and evaluate the noise situation first. Then they hand submit a report to you regarding the findings and suggested solutions, and either sell the material to you or professionally install it for you.

We don't just consult with you on what product you need and should buy. We can also consult with you or your contractor on how to install these products. If you want to do the installation yourself or have your own contractor install them, we can provide on site consulting for the job. 



Florida Soundproofing has over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space located in multiple locations on the East Coast, which hold hundreds of instock soundproofing materials for your convenience. Our expert team can help you with your purchase and give tips/tricks of the trade so that you can get the most out of your soundproofing products. Our products can be purchased in store or directly online and shipped to your doorstep!  For high volume orders, call us directly at 813-803-8292 and we'll help you get the best prices around!


At Florida Soundproofing, we can provide full in-house installation. We offer a turnkey solution so that you don't have to lift a finger, other than to give us a call. Our crew can install our REVRB® Acoustical products, while our list of great local contractors can help install any soundproofing materials from start to finish. You're in good hands when Florida Soundproofing is doing your installation.

Our History:

It all started up north, in a small city called Boston. Joseph Drago is a well-respected, licensed contractor who has worked in the Boston area since the mid 80's. Since 1985, Joseph has been specializing in residential and commercial contracting throughout Massachusetts. His renowned, advanced skills in construction have earned him a reputation as one of Boston's premiere contractors. His work has been featured in many residential showcases and industry publications.

Mr. Drago wanted to bring his contracting skills to the next level. As the years went by and the soundproofing industry grew, he saw that he could improve people's quality of life with the more effective soundproofing materials. After many years of satisfying customers, Joseph Drago, with the help of his two sons, Steven and Anthony, established New England Soundproofing, a Boston-based company providing consultation, installation, and well-priced soundproofing materials and services to the New England area. 

In 2016 New England Soundproofing partnered up with Sonic-Shield, a premiere soundproofing company that specalizes in commercial, industrial and residential soundproofing, providing soundproofing materials throughout the USA. In 2018 New England Soundproofing purchased Sonic-Shield and brought their key skills of installation, products, and knowledge for soundproofing to Florida, opening Florida Soundproofing. Now with two locations on the East Coast - New England Soundproofing and Florida Soundproofing - we can maximize our commitment to give you the best soundproofing solution. 

Florida Soundproofing offers unparalleled expertise and service to clients looking for soundproofing solutions for a home or office. We provide superior soundproofing solutions and installations that fit each client's unique needs. Florida Soundproofing, offering services from start to finish, has earned a well-deserved reputation as knowledgeable professionals.