What is REVRB

REVRB® acoustical boards are the top of the line acoustical treatment that can go on the walls or ceilings in the room. They have a hard wood edge with a high acoustical absorption, fabric wrapped and stapled on the back to take into consideration longevity and effectivness. We utilize no chemicals, no glues, and no epoxies or resins in the assembly process. We do not use any synthetic substances to make the wonderful fresh immaculate crisp edges, and we don't need to glue any fabrics to the panels. Our panels are made to last, not sag, droop, or deteriorate over time. Even during the installation of our panels, we don’t use any glues, adhesives, or cheap pins. Everything is done to last, have high performance, and can be easily installed. 

REVRB® Acoustical Panel Benefits:

REVRB® Acoustics is the top of the line acoustical solution for any room that has a high reverberation. Adding REVRB® to any space has many benefits from improved décor to increases in health and safety. Here is a list of just some of the benefits:

  • Lower the reverberation within the room

    • With a big space and a lot of surfaces, the reverberation within the room increases as more people come in and talk. A high reverberation makes it harder for hear, increasing aggravation to people and others around them. Using REVRB® Acoustical panels will decrease that reverberation allowing for a nice calm relaxing experience within the room. Naturally you want to be below 1 Second reverberation time. Adding REVRB® Acoustical Panels will allow you to get to that level.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    • Customers are key to any business. With REVRB® acoustical panels, we know your customers will be satisfied. Customers need to hear about what they are buying, and with REVRB® they will hear it the first time. There will be less repeat questions or “What did you say” when the room is full. We have found that with REVRB®, there is a lot less confusion and a lot more satisfaction.

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

    • Employees, just like customers, will notice the difference with REVRB® Acoustical panels. Employees have to discuss, sell, and help customers every day. With the high reverberation, your employees can be repeating themselves to your customers, not explaining items to your customers clearly, and getting frustrated with the work environment. With REVRB® Acoustical panels, they will be a lot happier to work knowing the noise levels are reduced. 

  • Decrease Stress Levels

    • Lower reverberation allows for lower stress. When someone can be in a calm area with multiple people, they can relax. When there is a high reverberation, there is usually high confusion and lower awareness on what is going on. This can lead to higher stress for anyone within that room.

  • Clearer Communication 

    • Offices, conference rooms, call centers, anywhere you communicate with people, need to treated with REVRB® acoustical panels to allow a reduction in reverberation. Talking to anyone on a speakerphone can be difficult and if your room isn’t treated correctly, it can be a problem for both sides of the phone call.