Restaurant Soundproofing

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Restaurant noise is a top complaint in the restaurant industry, a business in which customer satisfaction is the priority. Florida Soundproofing helps you achieve that perfect balance between the bustling atmosphere you want, and keeping your customers happy. Our line of  REVRB™custom Acoustic Panels and Baffles are designed to absorb reverberation and echo, while blending effortlessly into your décor.

Each REVRB™ custom Acoustic Baffle and Panel is handmade in our workshop. They are customizable to any size or shape you desire, and you have your choice of dozens of textures and colors. Consider turning your favorite photo or image into a piece of soundproofing art, with our  screen printed acoustic panel option! Since products from our REVRB™ line have a standard thickness of 2”, they won't take up any more space than a painting. However, if you prefer a different thickness, we can produce them for special orders!

The REVRB™ products are proven to be effective, with a 105% absorption coefficient (ASTM C-423), and you can relax knowing that each panel or baffle is Class A Fire-Rated (ASTM E-84).


REVRB™ Acoustics - Redefining The Art Of Soundproofing


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