Using Acoustic Panels to Reduce Noise

Acoustics are how we hear sound waves in a room, as a result of the room's properties. Reverberation, or echo, are when sound waves pass through the air and reflect off of smooth, hard objects such as floors, walls, and ceilings. Our acoustic panels are designed to reduce echo, or reverberation time, to a manageable level, so you can enjoy your space the way it was meant to be enjoyed - free from distraction.

Where to put acoustic panels?

Large rooms with a sound source that you want to hear in perfect tone and clarity, usually require acoustic panels. Some of these rooms include:

Conference Rooms Auditoriums Movie Theaters
Hotels Halls Restaurants
Hallways Night Clubs Offices
Gymnasiums Home Theaters Classrooms

And More!

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Related Projects

Constant Contact Podcast Acoustics

Constant Contact, an online marketing and communications business, was struggling with its own internal communication problems. Adorning the wall with custom REVRB™ Acoustical Panels, swathed in the company colors, allowed the communication experts to better communicate with their clients about communications. 

Elfers Christian School


Elfers Christian School is a prestigous private school that was dealing with alot of echoing and back noise in its school gymansium. During sporting events, pep rallies, and other gatherings held in the space always brought along an obscene level of noise.  This problem...

Miniature Market

We received a call from Miniature Market a gaming superstore close to St. Louis which has over 4,800 square feet of retail space and over 2,200 square feet of dedicated event space because they where dealing with a very big sound problem.  There event...

Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels Custom Printed to Match Your Decor

Below are examples of custom screen printed REVRB Acoustic Art panels. Give us any image that fits with your decor vision and we will print it onto our REVRB acoustic products. Dress up your space - - and quiet it down with one product.

Manage Reverberation and Build Brand for Broadcast Stations

High Reverberation is a manageable acoustical issue within the confines of a television or radio broadcast station. Our first task is to measure and map the behavior of sound waves within the room, and then to specify acoustical panels which, placed strategically, will minimize reverberation and echo.  Manage your brand...

Acoustic Panels Improve Sound Quality in Music Practice Room

Reverberation, or echo, “muddies” sound quality, which can be especially frustrating when one is producing or practicing music. Simply put, it makes it hard to hear what you are doing. We have worked with musicians and music teachers to promote sound clarity within a variety of spaces, even when there...

Soundproofing Mechanical Noise

Loud machinery is sometimes a necessity for commercial, business or research applications. Where such operations are in proximity to offices or classrooms where quiet must be maintained, we can confine sound to the mechanical room by fully cladding the walls with our acoustic panelling. Such a solution will absorb the...

Reduce Background Noise Outdoor Air Conditioner

Proximity to a noisy wall or ground mounted air conditioning unit can make it difficult to enjoy an outside deck or patio area. By building a partial enclosure around the unit, facing the occupied area, the noise was sufficiently mitigated for the space to be used in peace. The enclosure...

Dog Barking Quieted at Animal Shelter

Barking dogs are a major cause of noise complaints. Just one dog barking can affect neighbors’ quality of life. Imagine the sound of dozens of barking dogs! This animal shelter was facing eviction because of repeated complaints, and failed attempts to address the issue using improperly installed soundproofing materials. The...

High Reverberation in School Conference Room

A high school auditorium was repurposed into a conference room, but it was immediately discovered that the sound reverberation within the space made it barely useable for that purpose. The room had high plaster ceilings, a hard wood floor, and plaster walls, all of which gave sound the opportunity for...

Loud Compressor Sound Absorption

Large air compressors are a necessity for many types of repair and fabrication shops from millwork shops, to auto body repair shops, machine shops, etc.. This particular machine shop was on a small footprint and there was no place to “hide” the compressor, and the noise was making it stressful...